It all started one dry afternoon early 2007. My wife and I were living a couch potato's idea of a weekend. We decided to watch reruns, only my classics collection was back at my brother in law's apartment and I wasn’t about to budge from my comfort zone for a drive to the other side of town. Decidedly, we’re stuck.



Meanwhile, we’re also waiting for the pizza guy to arrive…wishing that he’d also happen to bring along a classic comedy with him. While waiting for what seemed like hours, a light bulb appeared!


We decided to stop thinking like businessmen cum lazy bums. Short of literally pulling a rabbit out of a hat, we put together a simple out sourcing driver service and called it “Lazy Express.”



The rest was history so to speak. Instead, we decided to be entrepreneurs!  Oh, the pizza guy finally came…no, he didn’t have any movies. But, this is our story.



About Lazy Express.


  • Dedicated Drivers

  • Fleet Management

  • No Commitment

  • When you need it service

  • Dependable

Our Vision

is to become your preferred outsourced delivery provider that is reliable and fast. Because if it matters to you ......

Tied up with work? Hmm…unless you’re the company mailman, delivering documents and packages by yourself won’t get

you that promotion.

It’s time to learn the art of

being “lazy.”